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Vanilla Afro news - here ye here ye now

Here is the page you've all been waiting for or dreading...the picture page - click on each pic for a bigger version.....

The Top 4 spots will be reserved for the best vanilla afro submissions by my readers, like my readers can submit an afro online here - keep in mind that while black afros will sometimes be accepted, at this site we are looking for vanilla or white guy afros, however this is not a racist site in the sense that a black guy with a vanilla afro may get the nod......It is however easy to find black guys with afros (not white vanilla afros though) whereas white guys or even white afro chicks with afros are few and far between. We're going for the niche fro market here (please don't take this seriously lol).

Here also are the archived funny afro pics from the main page...
Jack Sikma of Seattle Supersonics/Milwaukee Bucks fame...the epitomy of a true classic vanilla afro... John Holmes - Pornstar extraordinaire - how good are his shades in this pic? Art Garfunkel - the better half of Simon and Garfunkel..He's getting ready to belt out a melodious tune Bill Walton had a masterful way around the basketball court and an even more masterful white guy afroman afro
jack sikma afro pic of the milwaukee bucks and seattle supersonics john holmes afro pic art garfunkel afro pic of the duo simon and garfunkel bill walton afro pic of the portland trailblazers, ucla, and boston celtics
John Mcenroe tennis pro with a huge afro hair style in the early 80's late 70's ish, now he just doesn't have enough hair to pull it off. Hubie Brown - basketball announcer - actually I thought that Hubie Brown had a big afro but I was sorely mistaken when he didn't, I included him anyway though...his name is Hubbbbbbbie. Here is an exception to the rule, The Reverend Al Sharpton with his black pompadour, hardly even a black afro let alone vanilla, but nonetheless he is Al Sharpton a certified pimp daddy. Now I had trouble finding another famous white guy with an afro but I did find one, Don Henley, and it is a fregin huge one, he's probably the only dude out of these 8 guys who looks almost normal somehow with one too
john mcenroe with an afro hubie brown with an awesome suit and somewhat an afro don henley with an afro

Now here are the Afros that will most likely get me sued or in trouble, these are afros of regular everyday white guys (and possibly chicks in the future) stupid or cool enough to put them on the web for all to see depending on how you look at it....christ, I'll be one of these guys so it must be cool right?

Some Asian guy with a lot of hair, now he may not have an afro per say, but this is most likely the closest any person of Asian descent can come to having one...your job if you choose to accept it is to find me a better Asian afro This is the typical white hippie guy with a v-neck t-shirt and an afro, he knows what he wants in life and knows how to get it and also knows how to strut his stuff with a bushy head of hair he is truly an afroman of afromen. Ok, now here is what appears to be a foreign dude with an afro, a European style half afro-half just too much straight hair. He has a somewhat crazy look in his eye though, don't kill me for posting this.... Ok if you're under 18, get squeamish easy, or just plain don't want to see a skinny guy with a huge afro making a i want to die face then don't look or click the image below
asian guy with a semi fro hippie guy with an afro - sugar magnolia... foreign guy with an afro and a guitar semi-fro again white guy shirtless with an afro
Here is another guy who looks very similar to our friend above to the far right, a young lad in a blue shirt that reminds me of my old Father Judge high school shirt Here is a scary looking Motherfucker with a striped shirt on that looks like he's in some kind of 1920's prison. I almost forgot Ron Jeremy, getting all caught up in the John Holmes as my token pornstar...wait a second is that the real Ron Jeremy? And Of course I saved the best Afro for last...yours truly, a true vanilla afro for all to see, i pic'ed out my fro just for this God I need help.....


guy with an afro in a blue shirt that looks like a father judge high shirt guy in a prison suit with an evil smile
As you can see I've gotten the ball rolling, now it's your turn click here to submit a vanilla afro

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